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Excited Students Want A Paleo-Centre
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The oldest collection of fossil tracks (on the planet) comes from the Blue Beach locality. The museum hosts a mind- blowing new collection of over 2000 tetrapod-track slabs. Find out why these are called “the Rosetta Stone” by leading track researchers.

(350-million years ago…) The bold vertebrates have finally invaded the land and are rapidly evolving into many new forms. Find out why their story is called “Evolutions Greatest Mystery”.

Lower Carboniferous plant fossils are plentiful and often well- -preserved at this classic site. These forests and swamps existed at least 35-million years before the plant evidence seen at Joggins. Find out why these early forests caused permanent change to Earths’ ancient atmosphere…

Arthropods and other invertebrates were busy colonizing non-marine environments. Trace-fossils show that Blue Beach is now the oldest such ecosystem known. Find out how…