We are building a world-class attraction with the help of sponsors who want to share our vision. There are many opportunities for your support, where you can choose to sponsor one or more of the special projects at Blue Beach.
The Giant Fish Project – Sponsor a single body scale, a tooth, or make a corporate gesture and sponsor the whole head! We are erecting a giant fish-monument beside the beach path in commemoration of the monster from Blue Beach.
Palaeo~Mavericks – You can help fund the new reality show, a continental fossil journey through forgotten mysteries of paleontology.
Founding Patrons – Your endowment will go directly to the founding of the most important vision of all, the much needed new fossil institute.

Please feel free to contact our organization to find out more about becoming a BBFM sponsor. We will gladly ‘evolve’ to reflect your needs…
Contact: Sonja Wood or Chris Mansky
PHONE (902) 790-9541
Email Blue Beach Fossil Museum at info@bluebeachfossilmuseum.com